Nous Cims Private Foundation, holder of CIF [Tax ID Code] G-66621350, was registered with number 2937 in the registry of Foundations of the Government of Catalonia in 2015. Due to being classified as a charitable welfare foundation, Nous Cims is subject to Act 49/2002 of 23 December, on the tax regime of non-profit organizations and tax incentives for patronage.

The mission of Nous Cims is to develop and create innovative, transformative and sustainable social projects in the areas of employability, emotional well-being and global development, with the objective of having an impact on the most vulnerable people, especially women, young people and children, in both the most immediate environment and in emerging countries. The foundation is currently taking part in 55 projects spread across 19 countries thanks to the collaboration of nearly 150 leading organizations and small local entities of the non-profit sector.

Beneficiaries of the Nous Cims Foundation can be people who are included within its object and purposes. The Board of Trustees will choose the beneficiaries according to criteria of impartiality and non-discrimination, from among people in the following circumstances: they are requesting a benefit or service that the foundation can offer, and they meet the specific requirements that the Board of Trustees may additionally agree.

As regards the specific beneficiaries served, they are among those included in the various areas of attention that form a part of the foundation’s purpose. More details can be obtained by reading the Annual Report of Activities for each financial year.

  • Maria Teresa Giralt (President)
  • Xavier Rubiralta Giralt (Secretary)
  • José Luis Rubiralta Giralt (Treasurer)
  • Marc Rubiralta Giralt (Board member)
  • Foix Valdé Via (Board member)
  • Aina Fluxà Orti (Board member)
  • Marta Sainz Ludevid (Board member)

332-334, Entença, 7th floor

08029 Barcelona

These sections are developed extensively in the Annual Report of Activities, a copy of which is attached.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail at or by calling +34 667 92 02 50.

Nous Cims Private Foundation is not registered in any register of interest groups.