We focus on two types of projects based on identifying social challenges that are not being covered or that have room for improvement, in which Nous Cims can contribute added value.


Sometimes ideas or new project proposals are born based on the work performed with entities, institutions and people, which Nous Cims then promotes directly in cooperation with these players. Nous Cims therefore develops a model from zero and creates a team of professionals to execute it. This is the case of the Zing, Komtü or Kalida programmes.


If external projects exist that adequately respond to an identified challenge, we collaborate both with leading organizations and small local entities at two levels: by directly financing a project, with follow-up on the agreed indicators, and/or by getting involved in the strategic development of a project, expanding the territorial scope and the number of beneficiaries, among other things.

How wedo it

On all projects in which Nous Cims is involved, the foundation contributes its own social innovation methodology: