Poverty, inequality, injustice and human suffering in general know no bounds. Nor does the empathy, solidarity, effort and commitment that is needed to overcome them.

At a unique moment in human history in which we now have the resources and technologies necessary to eradicate poverty, hundreds of millions of people –from the moment they are born– still do not have the possibility of living a decent, full, healthy, productive and happy life. As well as concerning us both ethically and humanly, the reality is that, in a global word, these inequalities and injustices end up affecting our immediate environment in a number of ways.

“We imagine a world in which all human beings reach their peak potential, whether existential, educational, professional or social”

How wedo it

In the Global Development Area of Nous Cims, we concentrate our efforts mainly in four regions of Asia, South America and Africa. In Africa, we even have our own branch in Dakar (Senegal). As for sectors, we work in the areas of economic, educational, health and psycho-social development.

We think that women are the main drivers of social change anywhere in the world, and even more so in transitioning countries, which are affected by more severe limitations and inequalities. Consequently, to guarantee education and essential health services for young people, women are also the key to breaking the generational cycle of poverty. We also promote the earning of a decent family income for attaining this same essential objective.

Aware of our dimensions, we place special emphasis on how we work wherever we are present. Our strategy is based mainly on identifying local partners who are renowned for their professionalism, commitment, innovative spirit and the impact they have started generating in their communities.

Nous Cims establishes medium- and long-term collaborative relationships with these organizations, contributing human, technical and economic resources according to the needs that they themselves determine. As a consequence of these experiences, we aspire to obtain outcomes and results that transform their environments and that can be reproduced in any place in the world.

What inspires us?

We are inspired by global principles, such as the fight for gender equality, respect for human rights and defence of the environment, and we are personally committed through respect, empathy, innovation, humility and professional rigour.

We believe that a better world is possible. We know for certain that, behind every great advance by the human species, there was someone who was simply pursuing a dream.


Geographic scope
Beginning of the programme
244 recyclers up to the moment

Of the 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste generated since 1950, 79% is in landfills or in our oceans and seas. Only 9% has been recycled. In collaboration with Roots for Sustainability, in Santa Marta (Colombia) we are promoting an innovative model for legalizing associations of street recyclers, many of whom are women and especially vulnerable young people. Thanks to the project, they can now become officially recognized organizations that are commercially viable and socially transformative. Various multinational bodies have begun considering this line of activity as an integral part of their support programmes for resource management.



Women, based on their own strengths, adequate information and the improvement of their skills, can obtain more value for their work. This change will allow them to achieve gender equality in their local communities, generating added value for all community members. Nous Cims is therefore promoting projects that reinforce the development of productive activities and thus improving the social and economic conditions of the communities in emerging countries.


Nous Cims has promoted several university grants programmes in Senegal, Colombia, India and Honduras, among other countries, in conjunction with local partners. However, grants for vocational training are non-existent in emerging economies, which therefore require an additional component of support for employability and entrepreneurship. Nous Cims contributes the financing, the know-how and a team of professionals to drive these kinds of programmes.

Health andemotional well-being

Mental health is an invisible problem in international development programmes, which have traditionally focused on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. We are committed to being a relevant player in the area of emotional well-being and cooperation, especially in emergency situations and in countries where human rights are being violated. Furthermore, Nous Cims finances other projects related to health in countries that are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.


We increase the occupational options for women and young people through training programmes on “soft skills” (communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving, among others), which enable them to more easily adapt to changes and obtain better results at school, at work and in life in general. Up to now, these soft skills had not been integrated in formal education systems. Moreover, Nous Cims also facilitates access by women to a support network so that they can obtain their high school equivalency certificate.



international grants given for vocational training and university studies


empowered women in Africa, Asia and Latin America


social and cooperation entities with which we work


active projects in the area of Global Development