What does itconsist of?


This 2-year project is a pilot initiative that aims to create a model of an autonomous public school. In addition to the construction of the new school, the project will provide agricultural yields from a piece of land next to the school, which will be cultivated by some pupils’ mothers.

On the one hand, the harvest will ensure a balanced daily meal for the children. But in addition, the funds from the harvest will generate sufficient resources for the maintenance of the school and the costs of school fees/books/uniforms, which many of the families nowadays have great difficulty in affording. The project will also strengthen the different economic activities of the other mothers through training in entrepreneurship and support for their small businesses. School governance is one of the key areas also addressed by the project, with the creation of a multi-stakeholder committee in which municipal authorities, school staff and families are represented.

And the mayor and the Secretary of Education of the area believe in the project because of the demonstration effect it can have within the Ministry of Education itself for replicability in other parts of the country.