Barcelona will be the European capital of Social Mentoring. It is holding the European Mentoring Summit 2020, the major event for chief academics, professionals and expert entities in social mentoring in the world. The host will be the Coordinator of Social Mentoring, a benchmark entity at state level. The Summit will be sponsored by Nous Cims, which is also participating in the Philanthropic Track jury, where it will be represented by Miquel Antonijuan, director of the Employability Area and the Zing programme.

The 2020 Summit is the third biannual congress on social mentoring held in Europe. The event aims to connect people and projects from Europe and all over the world, which work in the field of mentoring, to establish connections and align academic research and practical experience.

The Summit has hence been conceived as a place where participants can explore new lines of action and research. Under the title “Mentoring for social inclusion”, the main topics of the 2020 edition are the association between academic and practical research, sociocultural diversity, mentoring with a gender perspective, and methods and ethics in the field of mentoring. Speakers will include internationally renowned experts. Academic and practical workshops will also be organized during the congress, along with various areas, designed for exchanging knowledge and tools.

One of the highlighted activities of the 2020 Summit is the Philanthropic Track. This is an area in which ten European entities will present their projects in social mentoring to companies and foundations, including Nous Cims. Economic recognition will be given to the best presentation.

The European Mentoring Summit 2020 is held at an excellent time for mentoring, which has increased exponentially throughout Europe, to become public policy in favour of the inclusion of vulnerable people. It is also an opportunity for the city of Barcelona to become a forerunner in promoting this method, aligned with the principles of equal opportunities and social cohesion, and be a benchmark in social mentoring in southern Europe.