Since the end of 2019, Nous Cims has a satellite unit located in Dakar (Senegal) and a permanent professional in this country, Oumar Thiam. Having Thiam as the Nous Cims Project Manager in Senegal will significantly improve the quality of the foundation’s interaction with local partners. From Dakar, Oumar will also supervise the different phases of each of the projects that the Global Development Area of the foundation is implementing in the African country.

Oumar Thiam has acquired over 20 years of experience, with proven technical strengths, in the area of international cooperation while working from Senegal. Oumar has held positions of responsibility in various NGOs, embassies and international organizations. Regarding his education, Thiam earned a State Diploma (Diplôme d’État) from the National School of Applied Economics (École Nationale d’Économie Appliquée) in Senegal.

We monitor and support local entities from the territory as a way to ensure close integration between Nous Cims and partners in Senegal explains Thiam.

Regarding the objectives of the Nous Cims satellite unit, “being present in the territory will allow us to better identify the challenges we take on, to conduct a more precise search for the local partners with whom we collaborate, and to set up quality projects”, the Nous Cims Project Manager in Senegal tells us. “We’ll be able to more easily share the lessons learned and, in turn, innovate with the local community”, Thiam adds.

The Nous Cims satellite unit in Dakar is located in a space provided by the Secretariat of the Écoles Pies de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, in the Dieuppeul district. Under the management of David Gervilla, Director of the Global Development Area of Nous Cims, Thiam will manage projects such as the University Scholarships Programme of Écoles Pies or the Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Project against Malnutrition of Action against Hunger.

How does Nous Cims work on international cooperation?

The strategy of the Global Development Area of the Nous Cims Foundation is mainly based on identifying local partners who are notable for their professionalism, commitment, innovative spirit and the impact they generate in their communities. Together with these partners, joint projects are developed in the areas of economic, educational, health and psycho-social development.

Currently, Nous Cims is developing projects in Colombia, Honduras, Central America, Ethiopia, Jordan, Palestine and the Middle East, as well as Senegal. The foundation is permanently open to receiving proposals and establishing a dialogue with people and global and local entities that would like to foster or are already working on projects in its areas of work.