The Nous Cims Foundation is launching a call to receive proposals of social innovation projects in Senegal. This call is only open to local, non-profit Senegalese organizations and entities, and to young social entrepreneurs of the country. The selected parties will receive expert backing from Nous Cims, to transform their ideas into projects of impact. The deadline for presenting proposals is 7 April 2020.

Since 2013, Nous Cims has been creating, developing and financing social transformation projects in Spain and in a dozen countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, including Senegal. It is precisely in this country where the foundation opened its first local branch in Dakar.

In this first call in Senegal, Nous Cims is seeking projects that meet today’s challenges of the local community, in the fields of financial empowerment of women, professional training, the employability of young people and emotional well-being.

All projects presented will be thoroughly examined by the evaluation council. Selection criteria will, above all, value innovation, effective impact, durability and reproducibility of the proposals presented.

Once the first assessment has been made, the individuals and organizations, which have presented proposals that best suit the foundational goals of Nous Cims, will be invited to an exploratory meeting in Dakar in May. The projects that pass the final evaluation will have to be expanded. It is expected that the Nous Cims board of directors approve the projects and they will finally be developed in October 2020.